Active Participation in the development of the new Odette OFTP2 standard

We are proud to announce that our software developer Robin has been involved in the further development of the new Odette OFTP2 standard. Odette is a non-profit organization of several national automotive associations, dealing among other things with standardization for the entire automotive supply chain. OFTP2 is the standard used in professional data exchange, mainly in the automotive environment, for the transfer of engineering data.

What has changed?

The new standard has further increased the security of data exchange. In addition to TLS encryption, there is also a file signing function that can be used to confirm the file transfer or to provide additional security by using end-to-end encryption. Of the six possible technologies provided so far, only two could be assumed to be secure. In order to have more choice here, our developer Robin has introduced a new SHA hash method, which is now part of the OFTP2 standard.


SSC is a certified member of the OFTP2 community. Our SWAN-integrated OFTP2 system SWOX has passed the tests prescribed by the Odette organization for certification and received the OFTP2 certifcate