We connect working worlds

The cooperation between companies and their business partners is constantly confronted with new challenges. The more complex the systems, the greater the difficulty in finding and establishing a successful, efficient and satisfactory cooperation model.

Our business partner management service is designed to provide you with individual connectivity solutions and tailor-made solutions for the IT-technical connection of your partners (and suppliers).

The goal is to enable a reliable, agile and comprehensive exchange of information, especially for sensitive data. In doing so, we keep an eye on the entire life cycle of your partners, from connection to disconnection.

Before we begin, we start with a thorough investigation. Together with all functional and governance requirements, we work closely together to develop a mature concept for the integration of your partners. We then support you in the operational implementation, system integration and ongoing operation.

Thanks to our expertise and agile methods, we react immediately to changes in the project and assist with appropriate adjustments or our partner support.

Special case: Joint venture

Business partner management and information exchange also play an important role in joint ventures. We know how to set up information flows between companies, how to handle highly sensitive data and still act quickly and reliably. SSC has the necessary know-how and experience to connect companies worldwide on a project or topic basis. This applies all the more to fusions and subsidiaries or sister companies that need to be newly integrated.

  • Comprehensive concept development
  • System integration
  • Organisation and implementation of data migration
  • Start-up operations until all partners are integrated and support is in place