» At the beginning …

…of our thoughts it was all about the effective and smooth exchange of engineering data. With our company we wanted to develop methods of resolution that could be optimally used by our customers for their projects. Due to these numerous common projects, we have acquired extensive expertise in the partner connection over the years. As a result, our wealth of experience has grown tremendously. SSC has become more and more important for many companies. We have applied our knowledge as consultants, developers, and operators. However, we have kept our feet to the ground. Normal people work here, we maintain a friendly atmosphere and still have visions. This sounds quite simple ant it is that simple. It is probably because we like our job and our customers. Form conversations with them I can learn that they enjoy working with us. That is enough for me. «

Matthias Stroezel, Founder and Managing Director

» Nothing lasts forever …

…in life. However, it is extremely important to us to think and act sustainably. We are not interested in short-term growth and profit maximization. We rather want to grow solidly and healthy. We want to provide a safe working environment and secure employment for our employees, allowing them to unfold and enjoy working in flat hierarchies, with pleasure and in the long term. Our SSC culture can also be appreciated by the fact that we don’t just sell any solution to our customers, but also implement it operatively and build it the way that it works in the long run. If requirements change, we respond with passion and agility. We promote the ideas of our employees, communicate open and we also make mistakes – to finally learn from them and improve day by day. Because one thing is for sure: development never stops, neither the technical nor the personal one. «

Tobias Rohde, Managing Director