Data Exchange

Secure, traceable, unlimited

Data exchange is an important part of many business processes and requires a secure and reliable transmission of data. For over 25 years, we have been developing products, solutions and holistic concepts for the secure exchange of data of all types and sizes.

As the exchange of data and information is becoming increasingly complex and technically demanding, SSC as an expert in the field of data management is the perfect partner to design an individual solution based on your specific requirements. Of course, all industry standards and security requirements as well as the different delivery systems of your partners are taken into account.

We offer various software solutions for fast, secure and unlimited data exchange.


… is a data exchange software exclusively developed by SSC. It enables fast, secure and uncomplicated data exchange of data of any size and in any file format. SWAN supports the sending and receiving of data according to OFTP/OFTP2 standards as well as ENGDAT standards version 2 and 3 (VDA 4951).

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The data exchange software SWAN is exclusively developed by SSC, constantly optimised and extended with new functions. SWAN enables you to exchange sensitive data quickly, securely, flexibly and easily.

Whether individual process design (checking, converting, etc.) or the integration of third-party systems (e.g. PDM), with the flexibility of the SWAN variants, SWAN modules and our range of services, you are prepared for everything.

Whether in the cloud (SWANcloud), in your own environment (SWANenterprise), or as a carefree hosted variant (SWANhosted), SWAN has long since become an elementary component within the product development of our customers. Daimler AG, for example, has been benefiting from SWAN and the SSC service offering since the mid-1990s.

Standards supported by SWAN:

  • Sending and receiving according to OFTP/OFTP2
  • ENGDAT standards, version 2 and 3 (VDA 4951)
  • ENGPART for partner profile description
  • Data transmission via IP (Internet) and ENX
  • Connection to ComSecure encryption (SWANenterprise, SWANhosted)


… is an innovative solution that was developed in cooperation with the company PDtec, a partner for many years. SCOUD combines data exchange and partner data management into a web-based “all-in-one” solution in the cloud. In the process, the PDM system can be operated on the same platform as the data exchange itself, which enables a perfectly coordinated interface.

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The SCOUD product offers you an all-round service for (regular) data exchange, product data management (PDM) and data archiving and takes collaboration in product development to a new level. The “all-in-one” solution based on a cloud platform saves you the investment in your own PDM system and reduces the effort for installation, administration and operation of software and hardware components to a minimum. Quick adaptations to changing requirements in the project context characterise the flexibility of SCOUD.

A pure data exchange system that provides data to the engineering partners is usually not sufficient on its own. The data packages provided must be manually unpacked, interpreted, assigned and imported into a PDM system. The increasing complexity of projects, the growing volume of data and the high security requirements mean that the recipient now has to invest a lot of time and effort. In addition, the manual preparation of PDM structures can be extremely error-prone.

By automating these processes with SCOUD, you can not only save resources but also increase data security and the traceability of data exchange.

The product SCOUD was developed in cooperation with our long-term partner, the company PDtec. The innovative solution, in which the PDM system can be operated on the same platform as the data exchange itself, creates a perfectly coordinated interface that enables a smooth exchange from and into the PDM system and executes it automatically.

What SCOUD offers you:

  • Web-based platform for end-to-end support of information provision and collaboration in the product lifecycle.
  • Secure management of sensitive user data with the option of local data backup
  • Minimal effort for installation, administration and operation
  • Cost savings, as there is no need to invest in a separate PDM system
  • Productive work within 48 hours after provision of all required information

KBAdirect …

… is a data transmission procedure that has been specially perfected for the automated transmission of vehicle-relevant data to the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). It enables efficient transmission of this data in the highest quality, security and traceability.

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The data transmission procedure for the automated transmission of vehicle-relevant data, perfected for the sole data recipient, the KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority).

KBAdirect was developed in cooperation with the KBA to enable the automated exchange of vehicle-relevant data between OEMs and the KBA. For this purpose, the ENX network of Deutsche Telekom and the OFTP protocol, which is standard in the automotive industry, are used.

If you already have your own OFTP system, we can set it up and configure it for KBAdirect.

If you do not yet operate your own OFTP solution but would still like to use KBAdirect, we offer you the option of connecting to the KBA via our SWAN product. You can choose between your own OFTP solution with SWANenterprise or SWANhosted or a connection via our web portal SWANcloud. In this case, you can also communicate with other data exchange partners in addition to the KBA.

Another option for vehicle manufacturers without their own OFTP system is our KBAdirectPortal with the KBA as the only data exchange partner. All you need to set up a secure communication tunnel is internet access.

KBAdirect and KBAdirectPortal support the exchange of all types of data!

Our customers primarily exchange the following types of data:

  • Type records
  • Where-used lists
  • CoC data
  • Recalls
  • Re-import data
  • New registrations
  • Dealer statistics