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:em AG

:em AG is an innovative service provider offering solutions in the field of digital transformations with its product ReqMan® and a broad consulting portfolio with topics such as IoT, ALM, MBSE or Model Based Definition.

Elysium Co.

Elysium provides products for supporting different requirements from the areas 3D-CAD/CAM and CAE-models, as well as data format conversions. SSC offers a solution for integrating the data format converter of Elysium into the product SWANenterprise.


SSC is currently working together with the high performance computing center Stuttgart for SWAN tests in the BonFIRE project.

Furthermore, we are planning the project HiPerFIS (High Performance File Information Storage) together, aiming to avoid redundant data transport and redundant data storage in data exchange and data management systems by means of distinct data identification methods, and to increase the performance significantly, as a result.


PDTec AG is a provider of software products and services around the integration of data, processes and systems in the product development. In addition to the services of SSC, PDTec offers the CADPortal, a web-based collaboration portal for managing all product data, documents, agreements and guidelines, relevant for project processing and cooperation.

Threedy instant3Dhub

With its instant3Dhub, Threedy offers a unique infrastructure component that allows companies to meet the constantly growing demand for highly available 3D data in responsive and interactive 3D applications. Industrial 3D data can be referenced directly, e.g. from an existing PLM system, without prior preparation and can be automatically linked with other business information. This results in new, scalable applications over the entire life cycle, from engineering to after sales – web-based and with zero footprint on the client.


Böblingen remains colorful

SSC is actively involved in the campaign “Landkreis Böblingen bleibt bunt”. The association actively promotes openness to the world and diversity and sends a clear signal against racism, discrimination, chauvinism, exclusion and division in our society.

Diversity Charter

SSC is a signatory to the Diversity Charter and is thus committed to actively implementing diversity in the company. All employees should be valued – regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.


The dual course of study at Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) offers a unique combination of theory and practice. Our students alternate every three months between the academic activities at university and the practical experience at SSC. In this way, they acquire not only technical and methodological knowledge but also the necessary practical and social skills for everyday work. Theoretical and practical content is closely coordinated and incorporates current developments in business, technology and society into the curriculum.

FOM Hochschule

At SSC, employees are challenged and supported: as a partner of FOM University, we support part-time studies and also offer topics for bachelor and master theses and supervise them.

Guest lectures and participation in research projects are also planned.

Several employees are currently taking advantage of the development opportunities at SSC with the opportunity to gain further professional qualifications. They benefit in particular from the flexible working time models at SSC.

Women in STEM professions

SSC is a supporter of the state initiative “Women in STEM Professions”. Together we are pursuing the goal of getting more girls and women interested in MINT professions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education).


As an independent network of small and medium-sized companies that are passionate about advancing digital technologies, ITsNET offers young talents the opportunity to get to know the participating companies authentically before and during their training. The trainees and students network at various events, meetings and further training opportunities.



The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications (EXCELLERAT) is a European conglomerate of business partners and high-performance computing centers with the aim of increasing Europe’s competitiveness in the high-performance computing (HPC) environment. SSC represents the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is committed to building a bridge between them and high-performance computing centers to simplify the use of HPC for industry. The use of HPC makes it possible to carry out highly complex simulations and calculations. These form the basis for the development of products and solutions and are essential for the innovation process.

METIS research project

SSC is a member of the METIS research project committee at the TU Berlin. The aim of the project is the development and utilisation of a low-threshold method for the context-dependent analysis, evaluation and configuration of IT tool stacks for collaborative product development, taking into account SaaS technologies.



SSC has been a member of the Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. association since 2021. The Europe-wide network develops visionary ideas for future cross-company data exchange along the entire automotive value chain. Catena-X is a lighthouse project and is one of the first collaborative data ecosystems to establish a standardized global data exchange for the automotive industry, which enables a digital flow of information across the entire supply chain.

Catena-X offers the network and the technology to address the key challenges of the automotive industry together. The aim is to connect suppliers and users with each other and to ensure the economic efficiency of all network partners. Catena-X sees itself as a quickly scalable, expandable ecosystem in which all participants in the automotive value chain can contribute equally. In addition to well-known members such as Mercedes-Benz AG, BASF SE and the BMW Group, SMEs in particular are also expected to actively participate in the data exchange network.

Media Solution Center

SSC is a founding member of the Media Solution Center Baden-Württemberg (MSC). The idea of the MSC is to create a link between science and art in the digital age. A unique feature is the access of the creative industries to the high-performance computing center. The MSC is part of the EIT culture & creativity, which is an initiative of the European Union. The knowledge and innovation community aims to strengthen and transform Europe’s cultural and creative industries.


We are a certified member of the OFTP2 community. Our SWAN-integrated OFTP2 system SWOX has passed the tests prescribed by the Odette organization for certification and received the OFTP2 certifcate. SWOX fully complies with the requirements of the OFTP2 specification (RFC-5024) and is on the list of products tested for OFTP2 compliance and interoperability.


SSC is an active member of the ProSTEP iViP association, an international business community of leading companies from the automotive and aerospace industry, system providers and research institutions. The aim is to solve challenging tasks for the manufacturing industry, resulting from network cooperations in a worldwide development group.

The basic principle is the holistic approach towards data, processes and systems across companies and domains.

eco – Association of the Internet Industry

SSC is a member of the eco Association of the Internet Industry. With 1,100 members, eco is the largest Internet association in Europe and is committed to promoting technologies, infrastructures and markets in the digital economy.

As a shaper of the Internet, the association works in projects to ensure a sustainable, responsible and secure digital transformation as well as projects to strengthen the digital infrastructure and IT security. In cooperation with partners from the industry, politics, science and civil society, eco is committed to the responsible use of the internet and digital technologies.

EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V.

As a member of the eco Association and in order to make the best possible use of synergies, SSC is also a member of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V., the association of the German cloud computing industry. Based on the eco association, its dedication lies in advancing the cloud market. In addition to providing cloud services, it ensures transparency and acceptance, among other things.

The association is in constant dialogue with the European partners of the EuroCloud network in order to develop global solutions and prepare the ground for international business relationships.