More than just an employer

We have great people working for us. Not only the financial aspect or the career development are in the foreground here. We also want to convey a sense of purpose in our work. Together, we pursue the goal of connecting working worlds, those of our clients and also our own. In doing so, we draw on our expertise in IT: be it partner integration, software development, operations and support or data management. In order to sustainably exist in the market, we welcome change and innovation. With agile methods, DevOps principles, open source technologies and software as well as automation processes, we use degrees of freedom for further technical development.

A place to feel welcome

We are aware of the responsibility, that the satisfaction of our colleagues depends on how versatile, challenging, stable or flexible we make our working environment. To start every day motivated is our benchmark. Because only with motivation, trust and joy a successful future worth living for all of us can be created.

In practice, this means that since 2010 we have been actively working internally and with external support to remain an exemplary employer within the framework of the berufundfamilie audit. Our flat hierarchies, our openness to employees’ ideas and the wide range of additional benefits we offer are part of our basic framework. The core issues of health, diversity and work-life-balance are addressed by small working groups that are given time and resources in addition to their regular jobs.

At various events, shared memories are created that strengthen our community. With the team, with like-minded people about a certain hobby or at company events there are always opportunities to exchange ideas and experiences, even away from the daily routine.

Opportunities for all life models

We don’t understand finding your balance as an individual task. All employees can take part in an open working group in order to make an active contribution to shaping the company. This is where joint discussions and decisions are made. The special mix of the working group allows us to combine many perspectives and opinions.

Our employees’ life models are just as diverse as their potential. Through flexible working hours, mobile working, temporary or unlimited changes to the working time model, the possibility of a sabbatical, special leave and much more, we are able to react quickly and provide support for various needs. It is important that everything works within the project teams and that communication runs smoothly.

Personal growth

Those who work at SSC are flexible in their field of activity and can grow with their tasks. Every employee is encouraged to pursue their education. Because life-long learning is mandatory in the field of IT. Some interests may change in the course of a career. Therefore, it is possible to get to know and try out other specialist areas with us. If the decision for a project change is made, we support the transfer.

The internal transfer of know-how serves to build up knowledge. On the other hand, we offer certified further training measures, tailored to the development of tasks. Not only hard skills, but also soft skills and languages are taken into account. The desire for a part-time or distance learning course in parallel to work is also supported in terms of time and money by arrangement. Everyone gets the chance to advance their personal development.