Project Support – Return to Base Camp

With a cool Head and Perseverance to Successful Project Completion

Reliable Project Management

SSC has been leading client projects through all process stages for years. As on the mountain, the same applies here: When you reach the summit, you are only halfway there, because you still have to make the safe descent to base camp. This is where you find out whether the equipment is right, the rope team “works” and the guide keeps a cool head. For us, too, a project is only complete when all processes and solutions are running and checked after completion.

Analysis and Evaluation

Once you’ve had a great mountain experience, you want more of it. As IT guides, we naturally want you to tackle your next project with us again. That’s why we carry out regular documentation during the progress of the project and take over the acceptance and rollout of the solutions on site. This involves continuous improvement processes that serve as starting points for future projects. This means that we are already optimally prepared for your next project.

Partnerships for the Future

A mission is successful when you return as friends. That’s how it is on the mountain and that’s how it is with us. That’s how we measure our success. In many cases, our customers entrust us with the complete operation of their data exchange solution as well as other IT issues. We earn this great trust anew every day. And that’s why we have long-standing relationships with our customers, based on trust, competence and a friendly exchange of ideas.