Your Guide to Successful IT Projects

With Competent Guidance Through all Project Stages

Passionate and Mindful

Mountain guides »live« their profession. In an environment that can change suddenly and at any time, passion and mindfulness are equally important. As guides for successful IT projects, we live for the successful cooperation of companies, suppliers and partners. We are only satisfied when this cooperation, the necessary exchange of data and the corresponding IT structures are perfectly coordinated and interlock. To achieve this, we use all our experience, our know-how and the passion of every single employee.

Friendly and Customer-Oriented

At SSC you will meet friendly, attentive counterparts. We don’t sell you standard methods, because like a mountain guide, we respond to each of our customers in a very fundamental way. We develop individual solutions that not only fulfil requirements, but are also integrated precisely into your company structures and IT environment. You describe your boldest ideas to us and we find the creative and yet appropriately realisable solution. We advise you with pragmatism, a sense of proportion for what makes sense and foresight for what is feasible.

Responsible and Experienced

On the mountain, one wrong step, one moment of inattention can have serious consequences. Experience and responsible action are therefore essential attributes of a guide and the basis for safety on the mountain. Inattention can also have serious consequences in IT. All IT concepts and solutions must therefore be absolutely reliable and secure in order to protect data and ensure intensive, rapid exchange. For us, security also means being a permanent, responsible and reliable partner for our customers, whom they can trust one hundred percent.

Flexible and Responsive

Mountain guides have to take many factors into account when planning a tour: Weather, season, current conditions on the mountain and everyone’s daily form. Sudden changes in the weather or other unpredictable situations are nevertheless part of every mountain tour, to which guides must react flexibly and quickly. Flexibility and speed are also essential in IT in order to be able to react adequately to changing requirements. To this end, we have developed a repertoire of possible courses of action, agile methods and tools that we can draw on flexibly.