Wir verbinden Arbeitswelten

SSC entwickelt individuelle Konzepte für die Zusammenarbeit in und zwischen Unternehmen. Unser COSMOSS umfasst IT-Dienstleistungen und Produkte rund um die digitale Transformation. Wir bieten starke Impulse für innovative Verbindungen zwischen Menschen und Systemen.

Cosmoss – our services

We are convinced that collaboration is possible from any location and can be optimally designed for every working environment and every life situation. SSC’s COSMOSS combines all services and products in a perfectly coordinated service portfolio.

The SSC Synergy Effect

This is how consulting, development and service intertwine.

Data management in larger companies and even more so in corporate groups is subject to many restrictions and is so complex that the experts and departments entrusted with it often need external support. Secure, reliable, traceable data management and the connection of corporate partners require specific competence in planning, communication and implementation.

Consulting. We take it seriously.

Every company landscape is different and so we develop individual solutions that are perfectly integrated into your structures and your IT environment. Tell us about your ideas and we find a creative and feasible solution. We advise you with pragmatism and an eye to what makes sense and what is possible.

Development. Pushing you forward.

Data are the heart of any business. Especially design data must be managed securely. For more than 25 years we have been developing products, solutions and holistic concepts for the electronic data exchange, generally for the connection of partners and suppliers.

Service. Bringing great pleasure.

Our service has many faces. However, it is always our goal torelieve you of as much of the work as possible so you can concentrate on your core processes. Our services range from individual phone support to training offers through to the entire software operation.