Cooperation – Reliable Rope Partners

We combine Competence with Transparency and Humanity

Competence creates Security and Trust

SSC has been working in data management between OEMs and their partners since 1998. Our exchange software SWAN has long been a leader. In addition, our many years of expertise include solutions and holistic concepts for the integration and connection of partners and suppliers. Our experience in dealing with corporate structures and in international projects is particularly helpful. This experience and the interlocking of competences create security and trust.

Cooperation in Partnership

We attach great importance to personal contact and friendly discussions. No customer is “passed through” from department to department at SSC. You should have a good feeling with every contact with us. This includes not only professional competence, but also friendliness and humanity. We are “normal” people with real values, where a handshake still counts. We welcome you with a smile and do everything we can to ensure that you are happy to return it to us.

Open Communication

On the mountain, as in IT, you have to have an open exchange in order to get a good overview of the requirements of the project, to realistically assess the requirements and to be able to avoid mistakes in advance. This sometimes takes courage and a lot of commitment. Open communication at eye level is very important to us, because it helps to avoid detours and ultimately find the perfect solution.