About Us

Our Values

Mutual Appreciation and Respect

Respect for each other is invaluable because it motivates, strengthens and is an expression of appreciation for the achievements of others. »I’m thrilled«, or a simple »Thank you!« can work wonders. Genuine appreciation puts the spotlight on the personality and its achievements and shows how proud we are of what we achieve together.

Personal Responsibility and Fault Tolerance

»Nobody is perfect« is an important insight for [working] life. The fact that something can go wrong now and then is a law of nature that applies to everyone, no matter in what position. However, it does matter how we deal with mistakes. With us, mistakes can and should be addressed. In this way, personal responsibility can grow and the possibility arises to correct mistakes and learn from them.

Trustful Interaction with Customers

At SSC you will meet attentive counterparts. We don’t sell you standard methods, but develop individual solutions that not only meet your requirements, but are also precisely integrated into your business processes and IT environment. You tell us what you have in mind and we will find the creative and yet appropriately realisable solution. We advise you with pragmatism, a sense of proportion for what makes sense and foresight for what is feasible..

Joy at Work

Joy cannot be bought, rented, lent, billed or reserved. It increases when it is shared and thus becomes a commonality that motivates and fulfils us all.  Satisfaction and fulfilment can be found in dealing with each other as well as in the individual meaningfulness of the work and in the personal freedom in doing it. We work professionally and aim to create a culture that enables us to cope with difficult situations. It is important to grow and develop personally in these situations.


What is the use of all professionalism, what is the use of sophisticated technologies, if the interpersonal interaction leaves much to be desired? Our most important goal is that our work makes us happy – the employees of SSC as well as our customers. We want a pleasant atmosphere that has a positive effect on the employees and positions us as friendly and competent contacts towards you. A personal, friendly, honest and fair approach to each other speeds up every project and ensures great solutions that everyone involved can be proud of.

Openness and Diversity

We would still be freezing and sitting in the dark if one of our ancestors had not at some point had the idea of making fire their own. Giving space to new ways of thinking without bias and adopting other perspectives is a gain for us. New impulses give rise to sparkling ideas from which great opportunities emerge. We believe in collective intelligence and encourage different perspectives, attitudes and experiences. Everyone should be able to contribute and everyone should be heard so that a good result is achieved collectively.


Our heart beats for the integration of companies. We want companies, suppliers and partners to work together perfectly. We are only satisfied when this cooperation, the necessary exchange of data and the corresponding IT structures are perfectly coordinated and interlock. To achieve this, we use all our experience, our know-how and the passion of every single employee.

Experimenting and Learning

Fresh ideas, intelligent concepts and practical solutions are not developed by straightening out thought processes and stemming the flow of ideas. We are curious cross- and lateral thinkers and that is our great potential. That’s why we have the freedom to try things out, to experiment, to tinker and to learn new things. In this way, we want to develop even more innovative services and products that will help our customers to successfully follow their future path.


Every business landscape is different and that’s why we can customise our respective solution exactly. Whether we use our software or develop our own for you, support you with the implementation in any depth, train your employees or even operate processes and software on your behalf – you can always rely on us to find the best way for your data, its exchange and your digital challenges.