Synergy – The Best Route

Joining forces and clever bundling of know-how

Consulting, Development, Service

It is not enough to »just« be a good mountain guide. Rather, you have to combine many qualities in order to reliably prepare tours and lead them successfully and safely on the mountain. SSC therefore combines theory, practice and experience to create a unique synergy: we advise you with pragmatism, a sense of proportion for what makes sense and foresight for what is feasible. Thanks to our extensive experience in development and integration, we know what we are talking about. In combination with our unbiased view of the overall situation and your overarching goals, we can offer the services that are right for you.

Communication as a Success Factor

A good guide is available as a contact person for his group during, but also between the individual mountain tours. We do the same, which is why our customers also make use of our comprehensive service, including the external operation of software systems. A great deal of experience from operation and feedback to our service desk flows back into development. This synergy effect from the three areas of consulting, development and service is unique and has proven itself in our company history of over 20 years.

Everything from One Source

Cross-departmental know-how, consultants who understand something about practice and developers who don’t speak technical jargon – at SSC you will find all this under one roof. The result is flexible coordination and reliable communication.