SSC further expands cooperation with Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority (KBA)

For several years, KBA has been relying on the data transmission method KBAdirect for the highly secure exchange of vehicle-relevant data with manufacturers, which is exclusively operated by SSC. It is based on the ENX network using the OFTP standard protocol of the automotive industry.

The upcoming shutdown of ISDN and the associated discontinuation of the support for currently offered connection variants to KBA has triggered SSC to develop KBAdirectPortal, a solution for a cost-effective connection for KBA and vehicle manufacturers without an own OFTP system.

Are you affected by the imminent deactivation of your current connection to KBA? Talk to our sales team about switching to the best solution for you.

You currently don’t have an own OFTP system and wish to exchange data of any kind comprehensively, automated and archivable with other data exchange partners besides KBA? Then our product SWAN with its different additional modules is ideal for your enterprise.

If you only require a connection to KBA, there is no alternative but KBAdirectPortal for the data transfer via the Internet with a superior underlying security concept.

The entire KBAdirectPortal infrastructure is hosted by SSC at a high secure computing center. The data communication between the communication partners is made in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and pursuant to the currently effective cryptography policies TR-02102-2/3.

A web client with user-friendly interface provides a bidirectional, secured, comprehensible and reproducible data exchange with current security standards and a multistage authentication concept, without needing an own infrastructure. Detailed logging allows you to survey all sent and received jobs at any time.