SSC Foundation hands over donation to Nikolauspflege

In November, SSC-Services GmbH hosted a vernissage featuring the artwork of photographer Stephan Zirwes at its own offices. The SSC Foundation made its first official appearance at this event and collected donations for a Nikolauspflege project. An organisation with the aim of enabling blind and visually impaired people to participate in society to the best of their ability.

A total of €1,250 was collected, which the SSC Foundation doubled to €2,500. The donation was accepted by Ms Schaffrath (press department), Mr Luft (trainer), Mr Neher (division manager) and several Nikolauspflege trainees.

“We have known Nikolauspflege for several years now and are delighted to be able to make a meaningful contribution thanks to the numerous donations,” Matthias Stroezel (founder of SSC-Services GmbH and SSC Stiftung gGmbH)

Nikolauspflege will use the €2,500 for the purchase of a Braille display. The Braille display is an expensive computer output device that translates characters into Braille. The Braille display enables blind and visually impaired people to use computers and laptops.