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Our values



Our heart is in the integration of companies. We want companies, suppliers and partners to work together perfectly. We are not satisfied until this cooperation, the necessary exchange of data and the corresponding IT structures are perfectly aligned with each other. For this, we use our entire experience, our know-how and the passion of every single employee.



At SSC, you’ll meet attentive counterparts. We don’t sell you any standard methods, but develop individual solutions that do not only meet your requirements, but are also perfectly integrated into your company structures and your IT environment. Tell us your most daring ideas and we find the creative, yet reasonably feasible solution. We advise you with pragmatism, an eye to what makes eminent sense and the foresight of what is possible.



Data are the heart of any business. Especially design data are a critical factor to survival. Modern companies depend on cooperation and the corresponding intensive and rapid exchange of data. Therefore, all concepts and solutions must be absolutely safe. Security also means for us that we are a permanent and reliable partner to our customers, to whom they can trust.



Every company landscape is different and therefore we adjust our solution exactly. Whether we use our existing software or develop our own one, support you with the implementation at any depth, train your employees, or even run processes and software on your behalf – in any case, you can rest assured that we have the best path for your data exchange and your integration tasks.



Since 1998, SSC has been working on data management between OEMs and their partners. Our own developed and maintained software SWAN has long been a leader in data exchange software. Furthermore, these many years of expertise includes solutions and holistic concepts for the integration and connection of partners and suppliers. Our experience in dealing with group structures and in international projects is especially helpful.



What’s the use of all professionalism, what do sophisticated technologies bring when interpersonal skills leave much to be desired? Our most important goal is that our work is making us happy – the employees of SSC as well as our customers. Personal, friendly, honest and fair interaction between each other accelerates every project and ensures great solutions, which everyone involved can be proud of.