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New SSC OFTP system SWOX in successful operation – half a million has been hit

Our software developers are constantly working to improve our OFTP data exchange solution SWAN for adapting to current technologies and increasing the security, stability and performance.

One of SSC’s new developments in 2016, which has been successfully put into operation is the OFTP2 data exchange solution SWOX, being fully integrated into SWAN. SWOX uses the Odette File Transfer Protocol with version 2 (OFTP2), which is recommended by the Automobile Industry Association (VDA), for the data exchange via the Internet or ENX to transfer encrypted data over encrypted connections. A certification through the Odette organization is scheduled for March 2017.

Now you can get software from one source. Individual adjustments and extensions are much easier and errors can be fixed much faster. The administration of rights and the error tracking have been consolidated as one system and the operation is significantly easier due to an interface, which is fully integrated in SWAN.

In April 2016, we have switched over the first SWANcloud customer to the data exchange via SWOX. From August on, all data exchange partners were able to transfer their jobs via SWOX, so that until now our SWANcloud customers could successfully transfer more than 500 000 files over our SWANcloud portal.

With a SWAN update, customers with their own SWANenterprise will also receive the new solution and can switch over their data exchange to SWOX and profit from the benefits of the SWOX migration.