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BMW Group relies on SSC for partner connection

We develop concepts and solutions for reliable cooperation in cross-company and international projects.

For the next five years, SSC will continue to be responsible for connecting the BMW Group’s partners. Above all, the duration of the assignment is remarkable and for us it is a sign of trust and recognition of our cooperation to date.

BMW stands for driving pleasure and SSC offers its customers a partnership that is joyful: Thus, the two companies fit together perfectly.

We would like to thank all those involved and especially our BMW PaIntS team, whose excellent work has laid the foundation for this follow-up assignment (+2 years extension option).

On our homepage you will find detailed information about our “»Cooperation Services around partner management and international partner integration.

Tobias Kaatze and Frank Siebold present in an interesting »article how to implement a strategic partner management in detail, what has to be considered and how we want to proceed.

Image: BMW Group