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The future of work at SSC

Within SSC‘s project Future of Work, employees developed ideas for prospective ways of working at SSC. A hybrid work approach also has an impact on the use of office space.

Hybrid working is the new standard in many companies. But what does this mean for individual teams or for the office setup?
Shaping collaboration is part of SSC’s core business, not only externally, with customers, but also internally. It is particularly important for the company to involve its employees in the process. Therefore this subject was embedded in the corporate culture through a long-term project called “Future of Work”. There was a huge amount of feedback from the workforce on the future of work: Overall, 1,650 pieces of data were generated.

“There was an incredible amount of content we had to view, but the number of results proves that our colleagues want to help shape change according to their needs,” says Katrin Reichert, a pioneer in the Future of Work project.

In the upcoming weeks and months, SSC will enter the implementation phase. For this purpose, 8-minutes, SSC’s external project partner, make their Concept Office Leonberg available for SSC. 8-minutes is a service provider who specialized in new ways of collaboration, focusing on a sound combination of an analog world and digital applications.

An office in transition

Future of Work also has an impact on the office space at SSC, which continues to be adapted to the needs of the workforce. Besides quiet zones, with silent workplaces, there will be more smaller areas for hybrid meetings. With these alterations, the company wants to make even greater use of the benefits of face-to-face, on-site communication.

“If people are constantly cought up in virtual meetings on their office days, the benefits of the office as a meeting place are not being taken. Therefore, we want to provide support through specific guidelines. If, for example, several members of the same team are in the office, we definitely recommend meetings in person. Colleagues who are in a different location should be fully included in a hybrid meeting,” says SSC Managing Director Matthias Stroezel.

An exchange with other companies is also a priority: On May 31, SSC will explore the working environment at MAS GmbH tools& engineering in Leonberg.