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Technology Change & Future of Work – The Human Success Factor

Our presentation “Technological Change and the Future of Work – The Human Success Factor” at the Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum 2022 is now available. If you missed us at the hybrid convention, we are happy to present you our topic now on YouTube.

What do you think of when asked about success factors for digital transformation and innovation in an economy? Intelligent cloud technology, virtual reality, automation? Technologies are one part of the solution, but what do we need them for if not to unleash the potential of people?

We focus on the challenge of shaping the future working world in a way that makes most sense. In order for transformation to reach mindsets, not only the cloud. In order to provide room for innovative energy. In order to live out a sound mix of collaboration. Is it enough for reaching these goals to set up a few new pieces of furniture and declare online meetings as hybrid now? The answer is obvious – no.

Especially in these times, there are great challenges on the way to becoming a sustainable and attractive business partner, company and ultimately employer. Sarina Wiedemann and Benjamin Batt, both pioneers of “Future of Work”, give a first-hand insight of the challenges to be expected and how they can be successfully mastered.