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SSC supports school project in India

Already since the opening of the Visakha Junior College in 2018 with a school building for 300 students, SSC has been supporting the school project “Knowledge Creates Future”. By now, more than 400 students attend the college, 70% of whom are girls.

In addition to traditional schooling, the aim is to give students an opportunity for training with a focus on IT and technology. This is because India’s IT industry has boomed in recent decades and thus provides great potential for young talent. Through early contacts with German and Indian IT companies and universities, the students will be given the opportunity to gain insights into the industry. Among other things, the donations were used to build laboratories for science lessons and a computer room.

An important milestone of the project has already been reached: The first final exams will take place this year! Still, there remains a lot to be done: Now that the school and administration buildings have been completed, the next step is to expand the IT infrastructure, recruit more teachers and secure a dedicated school bus. In addition, another focus of the project is to take on project sponsorships and strengthen the IT focus in education.

We are very happy to be a part of the project since its beginning, and to contribute to giving school children the opportunity for a future full of chances! And who knows, maybe we will soon be able to welcome one of the school children to SSC!