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SSC supports Federal Institute for Population Research in Corona calculations

In the context of the Europe-wide IT project EXCELLERAT, SSC as the IT service provider, in cooperation with the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), supports the Federal Institute for Population Research (Bundesinstitut für Bevölkerungsforschung, BIB). An intelligent platform for data transfer will be used for calculations of Corona models.

The aim of the collaboration is to simulate the spread of  Sars-CoV-2 infections in order to reach a realistic assessment of its burden on the health care system, especially intensive care units.

The two partners, SSC-Services GmbH and HLRS, are currently working on an intelligent platform for data transfer within the framework of an EU project. This platform combines the two strengths of the two partners. HLRS, with its new supercomputer “Hawk”, provides the necessary computing power for the simulation calculations, SSC the connection to the research institution. This highly automated approach ensures easy access to HPC resources even for inexperienced users.

“We are currently in the process of testing our platform and its feasibility with various pilot partners, incorporating their user feedback. In this context, the cooperation with the BIB was established, which is of great importance and creates value for both sides due to the current situation,” says SSC project manager Janik Schüssler.



The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications (EXCELLERAT) is a European conglomerate of business partners and high performance computing centers, whose objective is to increase Europe’s competitive position in the high performance computing environment. As experienced industrial parner, SSC takes care of data management and data transfer in the EXCELLERAT project.