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SSC receives award for energy saver of the month

Many thanks to the editorial staff of “Gäubote” in Herrenberg for the certificate Energy Saver of the Month! Whether it’s a cool calculator, Swabian inventor or environmental freak – once a month, the “Gäubote” introduces people who are particularly committed to the economical use of energy.

In November SSC was awarded. Sustainability is very important to SSC. We obtain all our electricity from renewable energies. In addition, SSC supports various mobility models for employees. In addition to the company bicycle, work in the home office and flexible working hours, which make it possible to avoid rush hour traffic, SSC employees can also use the VVS company ticket.

Our colleagues can also ride their JobRad through the rush hour in the district of Böblingen. A win-win situation: Our JobRadlers have fun, feel fit and feel good for the environment!

A year ago, SSC introduced the “JobRad” leasing program of the Freiburg-based company »JobRad, which was very well received by employees. At present, 22 of the 130 employees are already leasing and using a high-quality bicycle or pedelec for the journey to work and, of course, in their private lives. The space in the internal bicycle cellar of the Böblingen-based company headquarters Cubus BB is almost running out.

The subject of bicycles has always played an important role for us. From the very beginning, I have been promoting the idea of riding a bike, because it’s totally fun,”explains Matthias Stroezel, SSC’s managing director, who is a passionate cyclist himself. He comes to work by bike as often as possible, avoids the traffic jams on the motorway and construction site in Böblingen and praises the fact that he gets his head clear when cycling.