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SSC is now supporting member of VDI (association of German Engineers)

As a supporting member of the most significant network of engineers in Europe, SSC is supporting the technical-scientific work of VDI in a charitable way.

We do not only want to contribute new talents in engineering or strengthen the technical facilities in Germany, we also want to support  VDI to reach its objectives as important part of engineers, technology, designer and someone who connects.

By the offered courses and seminars of the VDI platform there will be a huge benefit of exchanging ideas and knowledge. Through the VDInetwork we will stay informed about current development.  It is considered as a professional and personal connecting factor and we share the interest in technology, especially as most of the SSC employees come from the engineering and computer sciences sector.

Since its foundation in 1856 the association VDI has grown to a size of 150.000 members. According to its own information, VDI is the biggest association of engineers and scientists in Germany, whose main purpose is the support and representation of engineers in the entire country.