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SSC in ProSTEP iViP ProductData Journal

“The collaboration between external service providers and automotive manufacturers has become increasingly complex. It is time to consider this holistically. For the challenges of the future, we must move away from the pure “fire and forget” connections of the past, to a clear management of these partnerships over their entire life cycle. “With these words, Tobias Kaatze and Frank Siebold summarize their article on strategic part management in the Product Data Journal of the ProSTEP iViP Association.Isabel Joachim (Daimler AG) and Tino Eckstein (SSC) report on the Global Engineering Workplace, the Daimler IT solution for the worldwide distributed development. The collaboration platform was developed by SSC together with Daimler AG to provide its global users with more than just pure infrastructure components, but to provide a complete service that, despite a high degree of standardization agil and “just-in-time”, meets the needs of each individual areas.

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