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SSC at JT Day 2016

For already four years, SSC has been represented as active member of  ProSTEP iViP Verein by the team “CAD visualisation, service and support”. Therefore, it is inconceivable for us not joining the JT Day.

On 22nd September 2016, the second JT Day took place at the Continental Arena in Regensburg. Continental (host) and ProSTEP iViP e.V. (organiser) have invited for giving insights into various applications of JT and discussing progress and perspectives.

Companies like Daimler, Volkswagen, Bosch and Microsoft presented their prospects in addition to Continental.  They all came to the same conclusion: the digital work environment will soon undergo a transition of unexpected dimensions.

Dr. Siegmar Haasis, the CIO of Engineering IT of Daimler AG even predicts “Data is the new oil!”

In this context, the word “digitalization” has been indispensable for some time now. Therefore, it is obviously that it´s associated with the conversion. The connection within all digitalized processes and working methods must be established by JT!

JT is more than a pure format of processing, exchange or visualization. It´s the “Enabler” to linking all components of the digital world. These components range from design to purchasing department, testing, analyses through production.

Consequently, our conclusion is that JT, against the critics, is still indispensable for the increasing digitalization.