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Moulding digitalization concepts

Digitalization – a cultural change

Digitalization affects the employees. It questions existing issues and shakes up long-established success recipes. The people and their attitude towards a change are the central starting point for a digitalization initiative to succeed. Only when people understand what it means to them and when they are willing to adapt to the change – a bit faster or slower, depending on their character – they will go along with the cultural change.

New Work – the workplace of the future

An important part of digitization is the changing of workplaces. Technical possibilities and demands of young employees give the direction here. If somebody wants to gain highly qualified junior staff in times of skills shortage, the offering for “with us you can also do home office, if there’s no other option” will hardly succeed. For the “digital natives”, new concepts of collaboration are completely self-evident and can be the decisive factor for a job choice.

Digitalization – the effects

The digital conversion affects the entire company. A simple switch to the “digital file” falls too short. The great disruption of business models does not threaten everywhere, but it is worth asking the question everywhere. Where can digitalization change my processes and where the cooperation with the customer? How can I improve my product if I consistently focus on a digitalization strategy? In the end, digitalization is about reducing costs, increasing the innovative power of employees, and remaining competitive.

Especially in small and medium-sized businesses, the topics of digital market development and the digitization of business processes are currently on the agenda as key challenges. It is particularly important to consider the aspects of IT security right from the start.

SSC supports you in these areas. Transforming processes into and through IT is one of our central concerns. From us, you get process analyzes and the evaluation of technical possibilities from a single source. With SSC, you have a sustainable partner in both, the conception and the operational implementation, right up to the safe operation of solutions, if you wish.