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Exchanging data

Wherever companies work together, data is exchanged and managed. Data exchange between development partners is particularly sensitive. The data is the heart of every company and deserves to be appreciated. They must be handed over correctly and in full systematic integrity. The different delivery systems of the partners must be taken into account. All in real time.
We are the experts for secure data exchange of all kinds of information. All data formats of any size can be transferred. The transfer of CAD data is particularly demanding and this is exactly where SSC has its roots and a great deal of expertise. Our modern data exchange platform SWAN guarantees the reliability and traceability of data transfer, in addition to the basic data exchange functions according to the OFTP/OFTP2 standard. Individual processes, such as CAD data conversion or coupling to and from third-party systems, automation and regular data exchange of large, complex assembly structures are flexibly mapped and integrated by SWAN. You can exchange your data securely, independently of location and optionally without having to invest in your own IT infrastructure via an encrypted Internet connection.

Whether you choose SWANenterprise as an in-house solution on your own infrastructure, with or without managed services, or SWANhosted on our infrastructure and with our know-how for operation is up to you. For smaller companies, SWANcloud is a purely web-based alternative.