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Developing software

Software development is an important core competence of SSC. It is divided into two areas: the development of our own data exchange software SWAN (system for the worldwide exchange of user data) and the customer-specific adaptation of applications (Custom Application Development).

With continuous integration and agile development methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, which focus on speed and reliability, we work according to DevOps principles.

Development of own software SWAN

Not only do we know what modern software must look like, we also develop it ourselves. First-class programmers and decades of development experience are our solid basis. With our in-house development SWAN, we have set a high standard that has been successfully used for years not only by Mercedes Benz AG and its partners.

Custom Application Development

Here we adapt applications, such as ServiceNow, precisely to the needs of our customers. With the product ServiceNow, the manufacturer of the same name provides a platform for “software-as-a-service”. In the broad field of digitization and automation of business processes, there are many possible applications:

In the automotive sector, we were able to map the partner integration for the BMW Group in a digital tailor-made platform. Here, specialist departments of BMW and their partner companies can order their services, such as access, authorizations or virtual machines, and track the status of the order with a simple click.

In this environment, SSC offers a constantly growing agile software development team. We understand software development as a holistic task which unites many disciplines. This includes the conception, specification, testing, operation as well as the actual programming. We also come into play when applications require regulated operation, but internal staff or “standard” service providers are not sufficient.

SSC operates with an overview, future-oriented, as formal as necessary and as flexible as possible, according to the principle of the agile manifesto. We understand companies and their processes, reflect and transfer in order to advise and act accordingly. We do not only keep an eye on the technical structures and processes, but also understand the special requirements of large companies.