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Designing IT infrastructures


New projects – new environments

In every new IT project comes the moment when the system development is confronted with the requirements of the professional IT operation, ideally already in the concept phase. However, the requirements of a standardized large enterprise are often not clear for a development partner at this point, or can neither be evaluated nor passed on by the responsible department. Here is where we come in, developing a system architecture together with the business department, software development and operation units, that meets the business and technical requirements. We support you in the setup, in operation planning and, if desired, in the operation itself. This gives you maximum process reliability for your IT project.

New technological ground

If the solution is not obvious because, for example, a research location needs to be provided with data for the first time, if new technologies are used with a development partner or the environment is international, then we are the right contact. With our experience in international infrastructure projects we find the right concept for your project. We structure the new solution iteratively together with you and your international operations units. We start the pilot operation, assume the responsibility for the productive environments or hand over the solution to a local operator and design your step into the new territory successfully and safely.