Our sales services around our product SWANhosted:

» Server Operation

Operation of the SWAN server on SSC infrastructure, i.e. support of operating system, updates, virus scanner and backup.

For the server operation we recommend SWANrecovery for backup and recovery of your data, our service around a mature data-disaster-recovery-concept.

» Application Management

Preservation of the service availability and warranty for smooth operation. Installation, configuration and maintenance of the software and corresponding applications. Disturbed applications will be restarted, if necessary. Information from the client via phone or email (escalation) in case of persistent system disruptions.

» Job Monitoring

Performed during the service times of SSC, tracking of defective jobs, contacting partner companies for troubleshooting, restarting jobs, information from the client for persistent disruptions.

» Service Desk

Acquisition, qualification and processing of support requests during the service times.

» User Management

Setup and changes of user and partner data and setup of an Odette connection.

Please contact our sales team for details on licensing and costs. We will be glad to advise and make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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