A secure Internet connection is established between the user’s workplace computer and the service SWANcloud via SSL encryption and security certificate. Through this connection the user can send data to the data exchange partner set up by SSC and receive data from them. The authentication on the SWANcloud server is made with a personal user ID and password. Sending and receiving data between Service SWANcloud and the data exchange partner is executed via the ODETTE File Transfer Protocol (OFTP). The Engineering Data Message (ENGDAT) is added to the sent data in compliance with the VDA4951 standard.

Please contact our sales team for details on licensing and costs. We will be glad to advise and make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) through SSC web portal
  • Short term provision
  • Use from any location
  • Use without investment in IT infrastructure
  • Setup of data exchange partners through SSC
  • Additional features through licensing other modules
  • Internet connection via SSL encryption and security certificate between the workplace computer of the user and the SSC web portal
  • Addition of ENGDAT identifier in compliance with VDA4951 when sending
  • User support for handling the service and help for access problems through SSC Service Desk

Basic features of SWANenterprise available:

  • Data sending and receiving in compliance with OFTP/OFTP2 incl. certificate management
  • Data exchange of any data, unlimited file size
  • Unlimited user accesses
  • Complete logging of all processing steps in LOG files
  • Convenient search feature (full index, fast, …)
  • Project-related grouping of processes and distribution lists
  • Email notification for successful job processing including PDF data delivery note
  • Bidirectional data compression (ZIP, TAR, RAR, …)
  • Platform independent access to the application
  • Multi language user interface (CN, DE, EN, FR, JP, PT, RU, TR)
  • Comprehensive manuals and quick references for users and administrators (DE, EN)

SWANcloud security aspects

  • Hosting at SSC data processing center
  • Encrypted communication between user and SWANcloud
  • Line encryption during the data transmission
  • Multistage authentication concept
  • Traceability of send and receive history
  • Server side logging of the single process steps
  • Penetration tests for verifying application security
  • Update and patch management

For more information see » SWANcloud security aspects

The subscription period is 12 months.
Five basic rates are available, differing in the number of possible data exchange partners and the number of users. These are set up by us.
A data exchange partner is understood as a company you exchange data with, regardless with how many people of the company you exchange data.

Please contact our sales team for details on licensing and costs. We will be glad to advise and make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.