SCOUD – SWAN Collaboration Cloud

The web-based “all-in-one” solution for development cooperation as well as for working in the PDM system in the cloud.

Our product SCOUD offers you an all-round service for rule data exchange, data management and data archiving. This can be done for your customers’ and partners’ data as well as for your own data.

A pure data exchange system that provides data to the engineering partners is usually not sufficient on its own. The data packages provided must be manually unpacked, interpreted, assigned and imported into a PDM system. The increasing complexity of the projects, the growing volume of data and the high security requirements mean that the recipient now has to invest a lot of time and effort. In addition, manual preparation can be error-prone with regard to the structural processing of the incoming data. SCOUD takes care of all this for you.

What SCOUD offers you:

  • Web-based platform for end-to-end support of information provision and collaboration in the product life cycle
  • Secure management of sensitive user data with the option of local data backup
  • Cost savings, as there is no need to invest in your own PDM system
  • Productive work within 48 hours after provision of all required information (control data supply from customer/OEM must be available)


The SCOUD product was developed in cooperation with our long-standing partner, PDtec. Our expertise in data exchange in combination with PDtec’s PDM experts is also used in the offshore vehicle production of a German vehicle manufacturer.

SCOUD enables smooth, fast and highly automated data exchange with our development partners in my project. As a result, cross-site collaboration is simple, secure and reliable.

Klaus Brand, Development Process Body/Exterior/Interior, BMW AG

We are also pleased that, as a sponsoring partner of two Formula Student teams, we were able to provide SCOUD to the vehicle developers free of charge.

The SCOUD system is a great help to us in our project, especially because it allows us to work and design on our vehicle in parallel without any problems.  The versioning is a particular advantage here. Since many of our team members are working in CAD for the first time, unintentional mistakes happen, of course, but thanks to versioning we can easily undo them without affecting the work status of other components. Before we started using the SCOUD system, it was precisely this circumstance that often presented us with considerable problems and caused us a lot of effort. As I myself have been part of the Lions Racing Team since 2018, I know both the times with and without the system. From my experience, I have to say that SCOUD has become indispensable for us in the team. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your assistance and the great support!

Jan Keck, Chassis and Ergonomics, Lions Racing Team