PDM workplace for cooperation partners

The PDMCLIENT developed for Daimler AG, called the external Smaragd Client (eSmaC) allows business partners of the automotive manufacturer to access Smaragd for cooperation projects in the product development.

The centralized EDM system Smaragd supports the complete product creation process at Daimler AG and provides the involved parties with up-to-date data at all times.

With an eSmaC, external partners can work directly in the system for decentralized simultaneous engineering projects. You can process and archive engineering data, similar to direct data access from the Daimler environment. The CAD interfaces allow the transfer of data from Smaragd to CAD systems and vice versa.

SSC installs and operates the eSmaCs on behalf of Daimler AG.

Users are supported by our eSmaC Support with the help of SSC employees at our location in Böblingen.

» Data research in Smaragd
» Display of master data
» Visualization of 2D / 3D geometries
» Display of MS-Office and PDF documents
» Loading data directly from Smaragd into the CAD system
» Archiving of data in Smaragd directly from the CAD system
» Access to EngineeringPortal of Daimler AG
»  Application for the tool and signing of the usage and support agreements
» Provision of certified hardware
» Provision of licensed software (OS, Antivirus, CAD, Q-Checker…)
» Proof of Smaragd knowledge
» Approval of access rights
» Connection via MPLS or VPN-IPsec
» Installation and test (remote) by SSC
» Acceptance through Daimler AG