Automated transfer of vehicle-relevant data with KBAdirect

KBAdirect has been developed in cooperation with KBA (Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority) as data transmission method in order to exchange vehicle relevant data automated between OEMs and KBA. For this purpose, the ENX network of Deutsche Telekom is used in connection with the OFTP protocol, which is set as standard in the automotive industry.

If you already have an own OFTP solution, we will take care of the setup and the configuration of KBAdirect for you.

If you don’t operate an own OFTP solution but wish to use KBAdirect, we offer you the possibility of connecting to KBA via our product SWAN. You can choose between an own OFTP solution with SWANenterprise or SWANhosted or a connection through our web portal SWANcloud. In this case you can also communicate with other data exchange partners in addition to KBA.

Another possibilty for vehicle manufacturers without an own OFTP system is our KBAdirectPortal, with KBA as single data exchnage partner. You just need Internet access for establishing a secure communication tunnel.

KBAdirect and KBAdirectPortal support the exchange of all data types!

Our customers primarily exchange the following data:

  • Type data sheets
  • Cross-reference documents
  • CoC data
  • Product recalls
  • Re-import data
  • Registration of new vehicles
  • Dealer statistics

Please contact our »sales team for details on licensing and costs. We will be glad to advise and make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.