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CAD Validation as a Service

Quality assurance in production

In the course of digitalisation, paperless product development poses new challenges for production. 2D annotations are increasingly available in the form of Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) as part of the 3D CAD models. In order to use this information at the production workplace, mobile end devices are increasingly being used, which make the 3D data, including PMIs, available in a lightweight manner and throughout the company. To ensure that the contents of the original CAD data and the derived neutral formats match, validation must take place in the sense of quality assurance in production.

The use of CAD Validation as a Service guarantees an automated process through the intelligent linking of the individual solution modules – data provision, validation and visualisation.


At the beginning of the validation process, CAD models, e.g. NX and JT, are selected for comparison and sent via the SWAN data exchange system to the SWAN server, which is located in the SWANcloud. SWAN users with a special user authorization are used for the validation process, based on which the costs are later determined according to a pay-per-use model.

There are different starting points for sending data, depending on the connection type. If the PDM system is coupled with SWAN, data transfer takes place directly there. Cloud users start their data transfer via a browser and OFTP users in their OFTP system. Regardless of which channel the data comes through, within SWANcloud the CAD models are transferred to the CADvalidator via an automated interface.

The CADvalidator compares the models and generates a report, which is provided to the user in the form of a deep link.

Finally, the report dynamically links the validation results with the original input data in form of a web application and visualizes them in a highly dynamic way using instant3Dhub.

The use of cloud technology as the basis for the various services – validation and visualization – ensures dynamic linking of the corresponding data, scaling of the building blocks, as well as availability for any end devices.

The service modules in detail


The system for the worldwide exchange of engineering data (SWAN) enables the secure, reliable and traceable exchange of data of any size, and also provides the option of individual process design.


Elysium’s CADvalidator validation function, as part of 3DxSuite, can automatically detect discrepancies between two models and provide the information with a listing of all changes. Customizable reports are generated in the process.

instant3Dhub: Web-Scale Visual Computing for 3D Apps

The instant3Dhub technology is the first Visual-Computing-as-a-Service platform and enables the visualisation of CAD data, such as construction, application or assembly plans. instant3Dhub allows the full complexity of 3D data to be used on any device and in any application scenario.

Advantages of our offered service

Validation as a Service is already available to a wide range of users anywhere and at any time – at least with a high-performance Internet connection – and new users can be set up at short notice.

Modularity across all levels forms the core for individually assembling customised solutions. This means that both the overall solution and individual modules can be flexibly integrated into existing system landscapes.
Services are also modular at the functional level, so that the expansion level and granularity of the validation can be dynamically adapted to the requirements of different application scenarios.

Security mechanisms such as internet connection using SSL encryption and security certificates between the user`s workstation and the web portal are already in place.

Hosted in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, the cloud service includes an extensive package including administration, monitoring, user management, operations and application management.

Without investing in the company’s own IT infrastructure or additional CAD licenses, you as a user benefit from up-to-date hardware and software.

Cooperative model for success


According to the motto “It’s better together”, the three companies Elysium GmbH, Threedy GmbH and SSC-Services GmbH have formed a consortium to offer automated CAD data validation for everyone as a “best-in-class” combination of software and services.
By using standardised web technology and a modular microservice architecture, they have succeeded in intelligently linking the proven software packages SWANcloud (SSC), CADvalidator (Elysium) and instant-3Dhub (Threedy) to create something new: “Validation as a Service”.


If you are interested, please contact our sales team.