Data exchange is not trivial.

“SSC shall take us forward, make us reflect, surprise us how to proceed in the future.”

This is a high standard, expressed by one of our customers. The connection of suppliers and the networking of partners is ambitious. The exchange of engineering data, for example, seems to be simple– but it isn‘t. Data management in companies and beyond is subject to so many restrictions and is so complex, that the experts and departments entrusted with it, are often hardly able to act reasonably.

SSC knows all about data exchange, data conversion, CAD 3D visualization, data management, data security, IT infrastructures, hardware and software; most of all, about process optimization, outsourcing and holistic integration in the OEM and supplier environment. We have the unbiased view from outside and consider ourselves as organizing hand and creative source of ideas for fitting, functioning solutions.

Secure, reliable, traceable and efficient data management and especially the connection and integration of venture partners requires competence in planning and realization. We advise you with pragmatism, with a sense of what’s important and vision for what is feasible.


Developing means knowing the ropes.

Many people rightly associate SSC with the data exchange software SWAN. This software environment, programmed by us, controls the data exchange of large OEMs like Daimler AG, for example, and its worldwide, extensive network of suppliers and engineering partners. But our creative, innovative and experienced software developers realize many other client, rich client, mobile and web applications.

However, by development we understand much more than programming good software. For more than 10 years, SSC has been developing products, solutions and integrated concepts for the electronic data exchange and for the integration and connection of partners and suppliers, in general.

We look at both in development, the prevailing circumstances and structures and the technical requirements of existing system landscapes. Apart from possessing expertise in the field of software applications and implementation of enterprise solutions, our software engineers convince with analytical skills and are competent consultants and facilitators due to their excellent communication skills, also within an intercultural environment.

Every customer feedback and every new requirement flow into the further development of our products, as well as general trends and technological innovations.




We are committed to your productivity

Service at SSC has many faces. However, we always aim to free our customers from as much effort as possible, so that they can focus on their core processes and activities. Service at SSC goes from end-user services up to outsourcing and complete software operation.

With our process know-how in the execution of software projects we already support you in the planning stage. We cover almost any possible requirement with our service, from the conception and implementation of the software installation, training for the employees and operation of your individual software application, up to meaningful and audit-proof archiving of your engineering data. Our departments work closely together, so that the right contact person is available any time –with a clear view beyond the horizon.

Due to our flexibility we can act according to the situation any time and have the required competences for implementation available. Our service works as central data hub, being adjusted to the desires of our customers and being highly performant in all situations.