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Diversity Talk – in search of a common understanding of diversity

Everyone in an organisation benefits from diversity when there is a respectful space for the different realities of life in the workforce. Then needs can better be taken into account, creative ideas can emerge together and conflicts can often be understood more quickly and discussed more openly.

In discussions with our staff it became clear that there is an interest at SSC in creating this open space to deal in depth with diversity, diversity dimensions and discrimination risks. Therefore, we at SSC offer the “Diversity Talk” for all interested parties at regular intervals.

“The goal is to grow in our common understanding of diversity and to sensitise ourselves to low-discrimination cooperation. To this end, topics and approaches are to be developed together and impulses that arise in conversation are to be taken into account,” says Sanja Djakovic from the Diversity Working Group.

The open discussion format offers enough space for joint exchange on different diversity topics such as diversity in labour relations or gender gaps.

On the topic of “Diversity in Industrial Relations”, for example, the following questions were asked: How does diversity actually manifest itself in labour relations and how does it influence them? Which people do I take seriously, which people perhaps less seriously? What are the reasons for the different perceptions? What happens consciously, what unconsciously?

Our employees have also dealt with the issue of the gender gap. What exactly is meant by equal opportunities and why is gender often discussed as a significant variable in this context? What is actually meant by sexism? And what aspects of gender gap or inequality of opportunity do we encounter at SSC?

“For us it is very important that there is no “right” or “wrong” solution to such issues and especially not just “one” solution, because we can also constantly learn. Rather, we want to give our staff the opportunity to discuss the issues and share their own thoughts with each other,” adds Sanja Djakovic.