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DevOps is high on the agenda at SSC

Shorter and more effective releases, more agility and flexibility. DevOps fits our corporate culture and reflects our thinking.

We are already working on DevOps principles and now, colleagues from different teams have participated in a three-day training course and have acquired the internationally recognized DevOps Foundation Certificate.

We consider the issue to be very important and believe that DevOps has the potential to cope with the various challenges in the IT environment and to develop high-quality software reliably and quickly and deliver it to customers. We already use continuous integration and agile development methods that focus on speed and reliability. The automation of software development, testing and deployment through continuous delivery (CD) is a central component of the DevOps idea.

This is why not only the teams involved in software development and IT operation, but also representatives of all teams participating in the software delivery lifecycle participated in the DevOps training. In addition, the topic of automation of deployments has been deepened in a special Saltstack training course.

“Between the software development and the IT operation, there is a conflict that has already been traditionally described as a very strong focus on one’s own tasks,” says the head of the Competence Center Classroom Training of the training provider.

“DevOps solves this conflict by creating a more structured collaboration that allows both areas to be aligned and closely interlinked,” he explains. “This will enable IT to make new and changing software and IT services faster and more error-free, resulting in greater value for business and customers.”