More than the sum of consulting, service and development

In the cooperation with SSC you benefit from a unique synergy effect: We develop excellent software like our data exchange solution SWAN and solve every task assigned to us in the integration environment.

Furthermore, the extensive service offer also includes the external operation of software systems. SSC customers are widely using this possibility of outsourcing. One may easily imagine that many experience from operation flows back into development.

Due to our longstanding experience, the expertise gained from development and operation and, above all, our impartial view to the overall situation and primary objective of our customers makes SSC the consultant in demand for all concerns of data transfer and integration.

The synergy effect of these three areas, consulting, service and development is unique because SSC combines theory, practice and know-how.

Plus factor


Products and services from practical experience

SSC maintains close contact to customers and partner. Every feedback of this collaboration flows into the development of our products but also provides the alignment of our services. Thereby are our products and services always complying to the highest and latest requirements.


In the right place at the right time

Short distances, knowledge across departments, consultants who understand practical experience and developers who don’t speak technical jargon – This is SSC. Come to us with your concerns, speak to competent and suitable contact persons and receive the information you need. SSC is always there for you.


As flexible as possible, as formally as necessary

With the highest flexibility and agility, we create innovative solutions for our customers. We consciously preserve this thinking free of restrictions, which is appreciated by our customers. However, we know exactly when it’s top priority to observe formalism and processes. It’s the result of many years of intensive cooperation with large enterprises, being perfectly applied in practice.


Partnership with joy

We attach great importance to personal contact and friendly conversations. No customer will be “passed” from department to department by SSC. Instead, you experience the close connection between all areas and competencies and simple structures. You should always have a good feeling when contacting the employees of SSC. This includes not only technical competence, but also friendliness and humanity, which is created through the pleasures of daily work. This can be sensed everywhere at SSC. We are “ordinary” people with real values where a handshake still counts. We welcome you with a smile and make every effort to gladly receive it back from you.