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Art at Cubus BB

Exhibition »Data. Grid. Space. Modules« – works by Annett Zinsmeister

Annett Zinsmeister‘s pictures and installations expose our habits of seeing and challenge our ways of perception. They show the search for identity of spaces, places, cities – even as they may appear to be rather barren or unspecific, at first glance.

The artist and writer, born in Stuttgart, shows works from the series Urban Hacking/Container Project at the SSC premises in the Cubus building in Böblingen as of Thursday, 2015-02-26.

In her work Annett Zinsmeister focuses on the intersection of art, architecture, and media studies. She creates large-scale installations, conceptual and built spaces, photography, drawings, films and collages dealing with architecture.

Recurring fundamentals in her oeuvre are the analysis, use and creation of modular principles, multiples, structures, patterns; and themes referring to the search for identity and utopian ideas, social interaction, communication, and the transformation of urban space.

At the exhibition opening, SSC manager Matthias Stroezel will welcome the artist and the head of the cultural news department of Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper, N. Forstbauer will provide an introduction to the pictures of space installations.