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…tasks at SSC demand high flexibility of us in both, thinking and acting.
When a company requests flexibility, it has to be flexible too. This
approach is the basic principle of SSC. The work-life-balance is a
cornerstone of our philosophy. Building a family, raising children and
being successful in the job: can this really happen at the same time? It‘s
quite normal in our company as we find the best solution for everyone in
the team. Because someone who has a happy and fulfilling family life can
work successfully and with enthusiasm.«

Bárbara Russo, project management
» The challenging…
…are no single proprietorships surrounded by a fence. They function in
many different alliances with partners of all kind and are therefore
rather complex organisms. Especially in the digital product development,
such a thing is only possible if the data exchange is working trouble-free.
This is enormously important for engineering data, for example. We
from SSC know perfectly all about these nerve centers of partner
integration and have our own, highly developed software solutions for it.
But it involves far more: How to integrate further partners optimally into
the own development and manufacturing network and what are
innovative possibilities of outsourcing? We understand it as our task to
surprise our customers with new ideas and at the same time always be
able to provide realistic methods of resolution.«

Tobias Kaatze, team leader methods & processes
» Modern companies…
…with the customers sometimes makes the employees feel as if they
were employed by the customer. We are involved in the processes of
our customers so intensively that we see many things with the eyes of
our customers. This is not only a matter of providing a trouble-free
operation of our software solution. In many cases our customers
entrust the complete operation of their data exchange workflow and
other IT topics to us. Every day, we work for this great responsibility.
This possibly succeeds so well because we do not only see ourselves as
service provider, but rather as extended team of the customer.«

Magda Pade, team leader access management
» The close collaboration…
…as we say at SSC. You often come across ideas and approaches.
Analyzing how search engines or cloud services for example, handle
technical challenges that are similar to our work, brings knowledge
which flows into our development work. Software must not grow old. It
needs a course of treatment from time to time so that it stays in the
game, being able to support the various projects of our customers
successfully. Curiosity and a view beyond one’s own nose, also combined
with a little madness, often result in great ideas, allowing us to ensure
all this.«

Patrick Schlosser, software development
» There is room for improvement...
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