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Interview with the SSC Managing Directors

Thank you both for taking time for our interview.

To begin with, the general question is: What is SSC’s focus for 2019?

Tobias Rohde: The goal is to “develop the work culture of SSC”. Continue, strengthen and add one or the other aspect to the existing actions. Our aim is to create a culture that is appreciative, based on trust, openness and a positive culture of error, that encourages personal responsibility and experimentation. This is what we want to work towards. Of course, there are many ways to achieve this goal. In the area of work culture we are already doing a lot: There are project marketplaces in many parts of the company, Scrum and Kanban can also be seen everywhere. We want to bundle these approaches and experiences and take the time to further develop ourselves in all our teams and projects. It is just close to our hearts to create a positive working environment for our employees. The overall package must be right.

SSC Managing Director Tobias Rohde

Matthias Stroezel: We are doing well, there are always exciting new tasks, projects and ideas. In the coming years we will be also involved in the EU research project Excellerat. For us, it is rather the moment to consider how we can grow as a company in a meaningful and sustainable way. But it is even more important to dedicate ourselves to our colleagues beyond the technical aspects.

Are there any special milestones for SSC this year?

Tobias Rohde: Looking at the list of events, I think that our participation in this year’s trade fairs will be a milestone. We have expanded this year to be even more present. There was a lot going on with us last year as well. Among other things, we had our 20th anniversary and our SSC Connection Day at wizemann.space in Stuttgart. That’s hard to top. Nevertheless we want and have to manage to get into a mode in which we consciously take time for ourselves.

What challenges does SSC have to face from your point of view?

Matthias Stroezel: This year it is clearly a challenge to find the right employees. For us, too, the shortage of skilled workers is becoming more and more noticeable. Of course, from an entrepreneurial point of view it is better to have too much work than too little. At the moment, we tend to have too much. It is now important to make sure that the fun of the whole thing is not lost.
Tobias Rohde: We’ll wait and see what happens and how we then agree with the organization. Without too much stress. We are definitely optimistic.

Are there any topics or wishes that are particularly close to your heart this year for the company and the team?

Tobias Rohde: What we want is openness and accessibility in all directions. This also includes communication when someone wants to try something out or criticizes something. This should then simply be quickly brought into a dialogue so that you can work on it quickly. Any employee can come to us at any time. We live from the ideas of our employees and therefore we have to promote them.
Matthias Stroezel: I just want everyone at SSC to enjoy their work. Sometimes I am looked at a bit obliquely for this statement. But at work we spend our main lifetime. And if it’s not fun, then it’s stressful. There are always temporary times that are difficult. But I would like our employees to enjoy coming to the office.

SSC Managing Director Matthias Stroezel