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10 million SWAN jobs transferred at Daimler AG

Thousands of users at Daimler AG around the globe apply our system for reliable and comprehensible data transfer according to the OFTP/OFTP2 standard. It is therefore no surprise that we can report a special number on 24th April 2016:

A job sent from Daimler AG has been transferred error-free and can be downloaded by the recipient with the job number 10 000 000

Since the idea for our SWAN software was born in March, 21 years ago at a workshop of Mercedes-Benz AG, a great deal has happened. The first requirements catalogue for an EDI management system was developed in the lovely Black Forest, at ‘Schwanen’ in Kälberbronn. The name of the conference venue also served as the software’s name SWAN (system for the worldwide exchange of engineering data).

From the early beginnings until today we have performed much development work, constantly improving SWAN and implementing new features while keeping an eye on the user.

Since last year SWAN has not only received a new logo design but also a brand new user interface. We have developed a modern and functional interface with an intuitive usage concept, allowing it to easily create and download jobs. It has received much praise since the introduction.

SWAN meets diverse demands of customer specific data exchange processes through high flexibility of an individual process design. Please find further information about the possibilities of our SWAN variants and modules on our »Products page or send your queries to our »Sales team. We are glad to advise you and make you an offer tailored to your specific needs.